Why is SMS still the best channel to send marketing campaigns?

SMS remains the best marketing channel in 2023 due to its high open rates, absence of spam filters, concise messaging, universal compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. SMS messages have an open rate of over 90% within the first 3 minutes, providing a direct and effective way to reach customers. There are no compatibility or technological issues, as all phones can send and receive SMS messages. Compared to other channels, SMS offers a clear and fixed price per message. SixFive offers an easy-to-use bulk SMS platform with global coverage at competitive prices.

We all know that the delivery of SMS text is almost instant. We also know that SMS is one of the cheapest marketing tools out there, and maybe the best benefit among all is that text messages are ALWAYS read by everyone.

With this in mind, can we still say that SMS is still the best marketing channel in 2023? Of course! Here we’ll expand on 5 of the main reasons why:

Open rate percentages are still higher than other channels.

*Notification alert* A new SMS on your phone. Maybe the girl you’ve been chatting with from the gym. Maybe it’s something related to work. Or maybe, it’s an irresistible offer, the exact same product you were checking out in the past days from your favorite online shop, now with 30% off. What’s the first thing you do? Open the message for sure! Curiosity is part of human nature! Personally, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t open a text message, and I’m sure you can’t remember either. We all tend to open text messages. That’s why SMS used as a marketing channel offers an unique open rate of more than 90% within the first 3 minutes!

No spam folders, just clients willing to get offers!

Another amazing feature of SMS texts is that they do not compete against spam filters.You can forget about those never opened mails that ended in the spam folder of your clients, as most marketing campaigns sent via SMS are Opt.In. This means, clients themselves are requesting to be included in the list of marketing & offer communications from their favorite brands!

Clients still appreciate and love to receive offers suited just for them, directly in their mobile phones. This trend has not changed for a while, so make sure to use it in your favor!

SMS are straight to the point & clients love it.

There’s a 160 character limit on SMS text messages. This forces companies and marketers to go straight to the point as there’s no use in drowning the costumers with a 500-word marketing message, that probably they won’t read entirely. With the character limit, marketers mainly focus  on easy to understand offers, and simple calls to action.

No compatibility or technologic issues.

All phones out there in the world are capable of sending and receiving SMS, without the need to install extra apps, get internet packages or other major setting complications. It doesn’t matter if your client still owns their old nokia from the early 2000’s, they are still going to get your SMS texts. Forget about the chaos when Whatsapp or other messaging services are down, SMS is still the best channel to send instant messages.

Best price.

Compared with emailing and social media ads, SMS is the cheapest tool for sending marketing campaigns at the moment. While some ads over social media could seem cheaper, the method for counting how many ads you placed and if they were seen indeed or not by potential clients is still quite confusing for the majority of users. Having to do the math over costs per mille , or cost per click, with different rates depending on country and many other segmentations, makes it not very transparent and easy to understand the final costs of campaigns. With SMS, you’ll always have a clear and fixed price per message.

As you can see, SMS is still the king of marketing channels! The trend will continue, SMS marketing will still be the best marketing channel during 2023.

If you’re ready to begin sending your campaigns and in the hunt for bulk SMS service providers, SixFive is one of the best choices! Our in-house technology allows our clients to easily send bulk SMS campaigns in just a few clicks, and we count with the worldwide route coverage to reach your clients anywhere in the world. Of course, always at the best market prices! Contact us now, and start sending SMS marketing campaigns in no time!

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