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One-time-password SMS

We value privacy and security, and for many businesses, OTP is the authentication factor of choice to keep customers’ information safe and financial frauds at bay. We provide enterprise-grade OTP services for maximum reliability and speed.

Transactional SMS

Send valuable information through SMS to both DND and Non-DND numbers. Your company name will be mentioned in the Sender ID. Under our premium Transactional SMS service, you can also integrate Bulk SMS API.

Bulk SMS

Whether your campaign goal is to increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty or you want to notify your customers of live promotions and sales, our Bulk SMS service can help you hit your targets.

SMPP Connectivity

We rely on our connections to operators worldwide and use the industry standard SMPP protocol to ensure the instant delivery of up to 10,000 short and long characters messages/second to more than 180 countries. Plus, get Unicode support and real-time delivery reports (DLR).

SID Registration

Many countries require that a SMS Sender ID be registered before bulk messages can be sent within their borders. While this helps mobile network operators (MNOs) address consumer queries, it can be challenging for businesses to keep up with varying registration requirements. Our team is always ready and available to help you get sending and stay compliant.

Number (HLR) Lookup

HLR Lookup is an essential tool to manage your mobile database. Without number validation, businesses run the risk of wasting valuable campaign money sending messages to invalid numbers. By building regular HLR checks into your A2P SMS marketing strategy, you can keep your lists updated and free of invalid contacts.

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SixFive by the numbers

SMS delivery to 180+ countries
With a vast network of 900+ global carriers through our industry-leading technology, built and hosted on the redundant infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, we possess the essential toolkit to ensure worldwide reach, guaranteeing that your messages are always delivered promptly and reliably.
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24/7 tailored support
We value your business, and work hard to ensure that you always have someone to help you get your message across. Our team of dedicated professional brings extensive expertise and personalized care to the table. Spread across the globe and across time zones, we’re always ready to help – wherever you are, whatever you need.
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100% Compliance
Let us deal with the complexity of global carriers and regulations. We’re 100% compliant with regulatory frameworks and provide the infrastructure to get your messages across legally and ethically – so you no longer have to worry about unpredictable deliveries.
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