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SMS Marketing Campaigns to Boost Sports Events

SMS marketing strategies can effectively boost sports events by engaging attendees. Announcing ticket sales and special availability to VIP clients via SMS creates a personal touch...

SMS marketing has been used widely to promote events of all kinds, but here we’ll discuss some good SMS marketing strategies that can help you to boost sports events.

If you’ve been in a sports league game in the past few years, you may already know how it is to receive a ticket link or promo code via text message. But there are so many other creative ways to use SMS in sporting contexts to boost the event attendance, and improve the satisfaction of the event attendees.

Today’s sport events are not just about the game or what happens on the field, but all the pre-season preparation, the player’s news, the upcoming strategies by the coaches. Also, to the postseason news, and in betweens, there are countless opportunities to engage with the community and sports fans via text at any time!

In this short guide to SMS marketing for sporting events, we’ll check strategies based on how you can engage with your attendees—before, after, and on the game day!

Event Marketing

  • Announce ticket sale release & special availability for VIP clients: Clients who are already on your SMS updates list, can receive availability and ticket release selling dates first than anyone else! Notifying superfans via text feels much more personal than email. This will also create an incentive for your clients to sign up to your SMS updates list.
  • Special ticket prices & special offers: For those events with lower attendance rates, you can promote 2×1 tickets or a “bring your family” offer over text. By encouraging current fans to bring their friends or family, you can begin building a larger client base.
  • Segment your audiences: Segmenting your SMS marketing campaigns will improve results. For example, you can send snack & parking ticket discount offers for those clients who already have a ticket for the event, and send a different campaign with a ticket discount to your clients who don’t have tickets to the event yet.

Client Engagement:

  • Encourage community participation by sending In-game votes or surveys, halftime contests, raffles, giveaways, and so on; during the game.
  • After the game, you can send information about upcoming matches, player stats, next match links to get the tickets at a pre-sale special price, links to other games in the league, VIP only special promos, etc
  • Encourage the community activities by sending discount e-coupons, meet & greet special entrances and other prizes to the top fans.

Updates and Reminders:

  • Use bulk SMS to send parking lot information notifications, updates about hour of entrance to the event, directions about doors and gates, weather considerations to take account on, list of forbidden items to bring to the stadium, last minute lineup changes, etcetera.
  • Improve your clients’ experience before and after the event, by sending entry and exit requirements first hand! Inform about mask and vaccination requirements if applicable, tips to speed up the entrance and exit, and general advice for getting the best game experience.

These are just some general SMS marketing strategies that you can use to get inspired and create your own sports events SMS text messages, according to what your brand and client base needs the most. The best practice is always to listen to what your clients have to suggest!

We know things can get tricky when promoting live events, you have a trillion things on your mind! Why not simplify your marketing strategy with bulk SMS messaging? You can use our friendly technology to send the SMS text messages to all your client databases in just a few clicks! We count on the infrastructure, experience, and route availability to deliver your SMS text messages to all of your clients, no matter where they are, at the best market prices out there! Contact us now, we’ll be pleased to assist.

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