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Broadcast Messaging in SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, with its high open rates, is a powerful method to gain an advantage over competitors. Broadcast messaging involves sending bulk SMS messages to a targeted audience...

SMS marketing is one of the most effective methods you can use, with open rates as high as 98%. Still, lots of marketers out there are not using SMS marketing as part of their strategy, and this is a big advantage for you to get ahead of your competitors!

But what is broadcast messaging? This term refers to sending one or more messages to a bulk list of contacts, also known as bulk SMS messaging. With broadcast or bulk SMS messaging, you can take advantage of the speed and efficiency of SMS to reach your target audience at scale. Whether you want to send out time-sensitive notifications, mobile coupons, appointment reminders, or even communicate with your internal workers team. For example, if you’re managing driver routes and need to send them updated locations; broadcast texting can do it all for you, with just a few clicks.

Broadcast SMS are frequently sent for all kinds of direct communication with your clients or workers, and for the marketing ones, please keep in mind that users must opt-in to receive your texts or knowingly agreeing to join your SMS messaging list. This is  to avoid possible risks of getting flagged or reported by being a source of spam texts. Despite the fact that SMS texts usually do not fall into the category of spam, or get filtered with spam filters, by law, you can only send texts to the clients who agreed to join your business communications list.

So, how can you use broadcast messaging for your business? The main purpose is obviously marketing promos & offers, but the uses are only limited by your imagination! Here we’ll discuss some of the main uses:

Business Offers & Promotions:

One of the most common uses for broadcast/bulk sms texting is to send marketing and promotional communications due its low cost compared with other communication channels, and also due its great client reach. For marketers, there’s a big opportunity to capitalize on the popularity and deliverability of texting, as the return of investment rates exceed by far the results obtainable with other communication channels. Send discount coupons, abandoned cart reminders, product re-stocks, surveys, contests, and more!

Time-Sensitive Updates & Reminders:

Since broadcast texts, or in general all SMS texts are delivered within seconds, and usually read within the first 3 minutes of arrival, they’re perfect for time-sensitive messages like last minute schedule changes, appointment reminders or even flash sales.

Customized communications for your clients:

Bulk SMS texts can be easily automated and customized to include names, addresses, dates and times, locations, and a number of other relevant details. This way you can easily inform all your client base of your offers by referring to each customer with their own names and preferences, making your clients feel that you’re giving a personalized and unique attention. You can even use broadcast messaging to send post service invoices and payment reminders!

Broadcast messaging and SMS marketing usage in general is growing exponentially each year, and tendencies show that it will stay trending for a long time. Time to start using and sending your own bulk SMS campaigns to get ahead of your competitors!

If you’re ready to begin sending your SMS broadcast campaigns, SixFive can help you! Our in-house technology allows our clients to easily send your bulk SMS campaigns in just a few clicks anywhere in the world, and of course, with the best market prices. Contact us now, and start sending your broadcast marketing campaigns in no time!

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