SixFive SMPP SMS Gateway

Our global cloud SMS gateway platform is designed in-house with all the functionalities to help you streamline and simplify text messaging.

Reliable and Efficient Delivery

Flow control and congestion avoidance

Implement mechanisms to manage message flow and prevent network congestion.

Customer-specific  receipt error codes

Provide customized error codes in delivery receipts for better tracking and troubleshooting.

Retry profile for failed messages

Define a retry strategy for failed message delivery attempts.

Multi-part handling

Manage the handling and reassembly of multi-part or concatenated/long SMS messages.

Scheduled validity period

Set a timeframe during which messages should be delivered successfully, after which they are considered expired.

Automated List Management

Automatic destination number validation

Validate destination numbers using Home Location Register (HLR) or Google's verification services.

Limit messages per destination

Restrict the number of messages sent to a specific destination within a given timeframe.

Block sending to specific MSISDNs

Prevent sending messages to specific Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN) identifiers.

Advanced filtering rules

Reject, modify, or replace messages based on predefined rules, including sender ID manipulation.

Multiple Content Forms Supported

Multiple character sets supported

Our platform supports various character sets for sending messages in different languages or with special characters.

Conversion to and from SMSC character set

Convert messages between different character sets used by the Short Message Service Center (SMSC).

Advanced Integration, Scalability and Security


Securely transmit Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) messages using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

IP whitelist

Restrict access to the SMS delivery platform by allowing only specified IP addresses or ranges.

SMPP receiver, transmitter, and transceiver binds

Enable the platform as a transmitter, receiver, or both simultaneously in the SMPP protocol.

HTTP APIs supported

Allow integration and interaction with the platform through HTTP-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Outbound (MT SMS, A2P SMS)

Our platform supports sending outbound messages, including both Mobile Terminated (MT) and Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS.

Bulk Messaging

Suitable for wholesale and retail

Designed to meet the requirements of both wholesale and retail SMS delivery services.

High throughput

We process high volumes of messages at all times to help you reach a large audience.

AI-Powered Intelligent Routing

Multiple routes for each destination, with failover

Configure multiple routes for delivering messages to a destination, with automatic failover in case of failure.

Select routes based on message characteristics

Determine the appropriate route for a message based on its originator, data coding, protocol ID, message content, etc.

Suspend routes based on delivery success

Temporarily suspend a route if the delivery success rate falls below a specified threshold.

Cost-effective routing

Optimize message routing to minimize costs for customers.

Pricing That Works For You

Maximum cost limit

Set a maximum cost threshold for message delivery to avoid exceeding a predefined budget.

Flexible payment options for clients

Offer both prepayment and post-payment options for client billing.

Automated pricing calculations

Automatically calculate pricing based on your client's plan and send pricing update notifications when necessary.

Keep track of billing for auditing

Generate PDF invoices to bill customers and maintain an audit trail for importing into the sales ledger.

SixFive SMPP SMS Gateway

Our global cloud SMS gateway platform provides your business with advanced routing, reliability and capacity.

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SixFive is powered by AWS

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based scales both vertically and horizontally and relies on excellent redundancy so you can enjoy optimal delivery performance no matter how much traffic we get.

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Higher quality, lower costs

Our SMPP platform leverages cutting-edge AI-powered conditional routing technology that allows us to direct message traffic intelligently to optimize your savings without compromising on delivery efficiency or quality.

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Set up messaging in minutes

We use the industry standard SMPP protocol and our dedicated service team will provide you with straightforward instructions to get you connected and ready to reach your audience in no time.  

Connected modules
We build in-house

Our platform is built by our AWS Certified DevOps engineers with a focus on customization to meet your exact specifications and cover your every requirement while cutting unnecessary extra costs.

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