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Best practices for Loyalty Programs via SMS

In this article, we learn about the best practices for sending loyalty marketing campaigns via SMS. Creating a unique and original loyalty program name helps grab customers' attention...

In our previous blog article, we’ve learned about how loyalty programs can be implemented through SMS text messages, and all the benefits associated with the usage of SMS messages to deliver loyalty campaigns, how the client reach and impact is better with SMS technology, and so on.

In this article, we’ll learn about the best practices shared by some marketers, for sending your loyalty marketing campaigns via SMS text. So let ‘s begin!

Create an unique & original loyalty program name:

Normally, all loyalty & reward programs have a sticky and ingenious name. Why? Because loyalty programs are created in order to make the client feel part of a “very special club”. The more original and related to the benefits your program will grant, the better! This way, you’ll assure to get your clients’ attention since the very first glance at your loyalty program. Just keep the name simple while at the same time, being specific about your brand or program benefits.

Share, share, share, and share again:

The main point of a loyalty program is to reward and thank clients for their loyalty to your brand and for their returning business. Sharing special offers, accumulative discount percentages per each purchase, discount coupon codes, free items, gifts, or special sale events for your most loyal clients; will have a great impact for sure! Marketing stats around the world show that more than 40% of consumers would increase purchases or would be encouraged to perform extra purchases if they get reward points or discounts for their regular purchases. Sharing the love for your clients is essential, so keep busy finding ways to reward them! And of course, sending your promo campaigns through SMS gives you the assurance that your messages won’t get stuck in spam folders and will be read within 3 minutes!

A good timing is everything:

We all hate retrieving notifications at 6 am. We all hate being bombarded with ads and promo offers every 30 minutes, even if the notifications come from our most loved brands. There’s one thing all marketers agree: sending messages at the right time is a must. Aim to keep your loyalty program communications to 5 messages per month, and only if the messages are truly relevant and deliver any value to your client. The best time to send promotional SMS texts is between 10 am and 6 pm. Never after, or before that, or you’ll be at risk of annoying your customers!

Message structure:

In text messages, every single word matters. Make sure that your brand communications are always short, straight to the point, attractive, and most of all, personalized. The main point of personalized text messages is to send really useful and valuable offers for your clients, considering their purchase habits with you. Never send generic templates, people will notice. Always begin with the client’s name, and include attractive call to action texts. If you’re in need of sharing URLs, you can use link shortener services to save space. And of course, make sure to always include the option to opt out of your brand communications contact list, as this is a legal requirement in many countries.

Give to receive:

By giving your customers really valuable offers, discounts and many other special rewards is the best way to make your customers happy, while at the same time, encouraging your potential clients to join your program. If your clients see that indeed there’s real value for being part of your program, you’ll get more and more new members eventually!

Now that you’re in tune with the best practices for sending SMS texts for loyalty programs, you’re ready to begin creating your own SMS marketing campaigns. SixFive is aware of the huge role and importance of the timely delivery of every single one of our client SMS text messages. Our in-house technology allows our clients to easily send bulk SMS campaigns in just a few clicks, and we count with a worldwide route coverage to reach your clients anywhere in the world, at the best market prices! Don’t know how to begin? Need some extra guidance? Contact us now, we’ll be pleased to assist.

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