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SMS Marketing: Boost Your Retail Business with Text Messages

SMS marketing is highly advantageous for retail businesses due to its wide accessibility, impressive open rates of 98%, and positive customer perception...

Did you know that 23 billion texts are being sent per day worldwide?

Texting has become the go-to communication channel for most people, with more than 90% of the world’s population having access to an SMS-capable phone. But it’s not just individuals who are texting each other; businesses have started using SMS to communicate directly with their customers more frequently, due to the effectiveness and reach of SMS marketing.

Why is SMS marketing interesting for a retail business? Well, first of all, it doesn’t require an internet connection or a specific app. With more than 90% of the global population having access to a phone able to retrieve SMS text messages without having to perform extra app downloads, or install any other messaging extra tool; it’s a communication method that almost everyone can access. Plus, SMS messages show an impressive 98% open rate, meaning your messages are highly likely to be seen by your customers.

But it’s not just about reaching your audience; it’s about engaging them too. Studies show that almost two-thirds of consumers believe that text messages are an effective way to communicate with brands. And here’s the kicker: 53% of customers actually have a more positive view of businesses that utilize mobile messaging.

Surprisingly, only less than 15% of small- and medium-sized businesses are leveraging the power of SMS for customer engagement. Luckily, it’s never too late to catch up and make a significant impact in your marketing strategy and take advantage of your direct competitors that are not using SMS marketing yet!

By creating SMS templates, you can easily target a much wider audience, in the pertinent segments of your client base, but we’ll discuss the templates in our next blog post. In the meantime, we’ll deepen on the understanding of the term “Retail SMS”.

What does retail SMS mean?

Retail SMS marketing involves using SMS messages to attract new customers while engaging existing ones. Retailers can leverage texts to send promotions, shipment process updates, send flash promos, send discount e-coupons, or quickly address customer inquiries. Thanks to the amazing open rates of SMS,  retailers can be sure that their contents get seen, resulting in skyrocketing sales rates.

The trick is to know your clients, so you can know how to appeal for their attention. Hopefully, our next blog post will help you to get inspiration for creating the perfect SMS templates for your business!

In today’s digital age, communication is key when it comes to connecting with customers and driving sales. If you’re willing to take your marketing strategy to the next level, SixFive has you covered. We have a wide experience as bulk SMS providers. We count with worldwide route coverage to reach your clients anywhere in the world, at the best market prices and an easy to use in-house technology that will have you sending your bulk SMS marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. Contact us now for more information or assistance!


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