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SMS Marketing Campaigns to Boost Sales During Low Seasons.

During low sales seasons, businesses can employ SMS marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility and sales.

Not all businesses experience the exceptional sales seasons at the same time. While some industries get high seasonal purchases activated over spring and summer, many other businesses can find themselves in a momentary slump.

During low seasons, businesses need to get creative and invest in marketing campaigns that help them to increase their brand’s visibility and put them on the mind of their customers.

There are many types of SMS marketing campaigns that for sure will help, as SMS is a channel which currently delivers amazing marketing results, due its high efficiency, low cost, and average open rate of 98% within the first 3 minutes of message being received to client’s phone. Here we’ll review 4 of the most powerful and effective SMS marketing campaigns designed to boost your business’ sales during low seasons.

  • Specific Seasonal Product Discounts & e-coupons.

Considering that all your marketing campaigns should be relevant to your clients, and according to the current season, you can get a list of your top selling products during specific seasons to send discount coupons via SMS texts. For example, if your business sells clothes, you can send discount coupons for all snow jackets, scarves, snow boots, and so on, when winter is about to begin.

  • Flash sales/Limited time offers

The psychology behind flash sales is that people naturally tend to respond to urgency. The best way to take advantage of this is by sending SMS marketing campaigns related to limited time offers, flash sales, or limited top selling products availability. Use call to action phrases like “while stock lasts”, “limited to first 10 items”, “hurry up! only 2 items available”, and so on.

  • Inform about special sale events

Invite your clients to attend the special sale events you create. For example, during back to school season, you can create a special night sale with 30% off on all stationery products. Of course, you’ll need to create events that are worth attending, by making sure you’re offering the best discounts and promo deals compared with what you currently offer via website, coupons, and in store.

  • Customized campaigns for your VIP clients.

Your loyal customers are the backbone of your brand. Make them feel appreciated and send personalized text campaigns exclusively designed for them. Check what their favorite items are and send them SMS messages informing them about e-coupons created just for them. An example of an SMS text of this nature: “Dear Anna! We know how much you love the Joop nail polish in color #312. Take this 30% off e-coupon for your next purchase!”

These campaigns get amazing results, despite the time it takes to create them, the results totally worth all your time and effort!

Of course, these are just a few examples of successful SMS marketing campaigns that deliver amazing results during low sales seasons. However, your imagination is the limit! You can use these examples as inspiration to create your own campaigns, utilizing our friendly technology to send the SMS text messages to all your client databases in just a few clicks! We’re one of the best bulk SMS providers out there; we count on the infrastructure, experience, and route availability to deliver your SMS text messages to all of your clients, no matter where they are, at the best market prices! Contact us now, we’ll be pleased to assist.

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