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Best Practices for Growing your Clients’ Engagement with SMS

Marketing studies indicate that customers now prefer private communication channels with brands rather than public platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Recently, marketing studies have shown that the behavior and the way customers are engaging with brands is evolving. Now, more than 70% of users are preferring to engage with brands that use private communication channels, not over public platforms like the public Facebook or Instagram pages of the companies. Even if clients can contact their brands by sending private messages towards mentioned platforms, users still feel the channel is not personal and exclusive enough for sharing their concerns with the brands.

SMS offers the possibility to interact privately and directly with every single one of your clients, giving your brand the option to chat with your clients instantly and providing custom replies if needed. But how can your brand take advantage of the conversations your clients’ are starting with your brand via text message, into conversions, meaning sales or profit? With a great marketing strategy of course!

We’ll share the most common best practices to boost your client conversations into conversions, used by most of the SMS and digital marketers out there; so you can learn how to improve your SMS text communications strategies.

  • Always provide personalized replies:

Check and read carefully your client’s inquiry and give a personalized response. Template replies are always spotted by consumers, and not be kindly welcomed. It might take a little bit more time to reply to every inquiry in a custom way, but gaining the client’s trust over your brand will pay off.

  • Reply in a timely manner:

Long waits to get a response from brands usually frustrate clients. Make sure to reply in less than 30 minutes. The less your client has to wait for a reply from your brand, the best results in client engagement rate your business will get.

  • Customize the offers you’ll send:

If you’ll send promotions, discounts, special sale notifications or discount e-coupons, it is always advised to send the offers based on your client’s purchase history with your brand. This way you’ll make sure to incentivize purchases of products your clients’ are already interested in. Also, e-coupons and offers sent thru SMS show much higher conversion rates than e-coupons and offers being sent via email.

  • Always ask for your clients’ permission:

Clients receiving communications from brands they do not know, or from brands retrieving their personal information thru third parties cause trust issues immediately; as clients feel their privacy is being intruded. Make sure to retrieve your clients phone numbers by asking them to join your marketing communications directly, informing how much messages they can expect from you, and giving the option to opt out at any moment. You can also incentivize your clients to join by informing them you’ll give exclusive deals, raffles or discounts to the clients in your SMS lists.

These simple practices can be of great help when it comes to converting your brand-client conversations into profits. But of course, the best strategy is to know your clients and act based on their behaviors. No client can resist a brand caring for them!

If you’re willing to start using SMS as a direct channel to communicate with your clients instantly and privately, SixFive is ready to help you! We’re an experienced enterprise with several years in the market as bulk SMS providers. We count with a worldwide high quality route coverage, in-house built technology, and the best prices in the market to help your brand results’ grow. Contact us anytime! We’ll be pleased to assist.

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